How Maestro helps you?

We make IT people smile while managing their software change requests — even in complex multiple contractor scenarios.

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18 Oct 2021

How MaestroCR helps you?

We make IT people smile while managing their software change requests — even in complex multiple contractor scenarios.

You might say "Yes, that sounds nice but how?"

Let's imagine an IT Project Owner, we’ll call him Louis. Louis has a lot of software projects to manage with multiple contractors connected to them. Louis spends most of his time sending change requests to these contractors, waiting for their impact analysis and the estimated efforts for these CR’s, before following up to see the actual efforts and successful completion.

Louis needs to connect contractors via emails, phone calls, meetings, etc. He is facing a problem managing CR communication with the related development team, tracking them and following related monthly invoicing efficiently.

Meanwhile, let's imagine a software solution provider company (contractor) and its software product/project owner, Kacy. Kacy has many clients for custom software projects with her company’s development team, and she is supposed to manage all these clients.

She has to send impact analysis of software project change requests to different clients including the estimated development efforts, and then follow the approval/reject status, track the completed CR’s to create monthly invoices for the client concerned and related project works.

Kacy also spends most of her time on emails, phone calls, meetings, etc. She is facing a problem managing all CR communication, efforts tracking, and following related monthly invoices (project cash flows) efficiently. 

MaestroCR provides great convenience at these points for both sides and makes IT project managers and software development companies happy while managing their project change requests — even in complex multiple contractors/clients scenarios. This is how MaestroCR works. 

MaestroCR is solving the Change Request Management problem, which is often overlooked. 

Main steps for an ordinary Change Request:

  1. Request for Change
  2. Impact Analysis (with estimated effort analysis)
  3. Approval/Denial
  4. Implementation of Change
  5. Test & Review
  6. Reporting & Billing

With MaestroCR, we accomplish the following:

  • Managing all of your projects, contractors, and teams on a single platform
  • Ready-to-use integrations with the most powerful project management tools such as JIRA, Trello, Basecamp, Gitlab, Github, Asana, Wrike, Slack (more are coming).
  • Real-time effort & budget tracking for your change requests
  • Your in-house team and outsourced contractors (even freelancers) are all in one place
  • Transparency and documentation of change processes from approval to completion
  • Reducing the risk of change and project failure
  • Shorter correction, implementation, and going-live phase periods
  • Efficient maintenance of customer developments and implementations
  • And of course, we complete all of the above with a user-friendly interface :)

You can directly dive into all of these improvements with only a few steps and experience how easy change request management can be. 

If you are interested in finding out how to revolutionize your projects, Sign up free!

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